The Mask of "Diversity" Slips

Diversity means fewer Whites. This is accomplished through everything from preventing the birth of White children through careerism, jewish feminism, abortion and the sodomite evil to eliminating existing Whites by direct violent attacks from the same brown alien we've shown unbelievable generosity towards. Diversity is White genocide. As the West dies our enemies have become more and more brazen about their true goals and now they're simply calling for dead Whites. The response, of course, is cowardice, appeasement, "dialogues" and a general refusal to admit we're in a war for survival and we're losing badly.

A Welfare and diversity officer at the centre of a racism row could be Sacked after she allegedly urged 'Kill All White Men' from an official university Twitter account.

Welcome to the last days of the United Kaliphate, where mystery meat scumbags use official channels to call for the murder of Whites. Maybe this mentally defective outsider will be fired. Maybe. You have to wonder what an anti-White has to do in order to lose their sinecure position. Certainly demanding more White victims of "minority" pathology won't do it.

Bahar Mustafa, Vice-President for Welfare and Diversity at Goldsmiths Student Union, first sparked fury last month when she appeared to ban all white people and men from an 'equality' event.

This I totally agree with. Whites have no business legitimizing State Religion madness with our support. We all know "equality" is just a pack of lies intended to destroy White nations. It's good that this is now being openly ceded by our enemies. Maybe this will even wake up a few slumbering Whites.

But Ms Mustafa later defended her actions by saying it is not possible for her to be racist because she is an "ethnic minority woman" who can not "stand to gain from inequality".

"There's no way I can gain from being anti-White. Well, back to my Stalinist "job" that pays me to howl and wail about killing Whitey."

Mystery meat head-case wants dead Whites on the altar of "diversity."

However, the student has been embroiled in yet further outrage after she allegedly tweeted from the official Goldsmiths Student Union Welfare and Diversity Officer Twitter account with the hashtag #KillAllWhiteMen.

This is what tolerance and the endless appeasement of a brown horde that wants us violently dead purchases. An alien that derives endless benefits from squatting in a White nation shows gratitude by calling for our destruction. Will there be a "Diversity Officer" position when Whites are gone and mo-ham-headans totally control Britainistan? All signs point to no. This alien will be wife #17 for a mudslime warlord. "Come back Whitey, I'm so sorry!"

Her alleged actions have led to an online petition being launched - and so far reaching 1,500 signatures - calling for her to be removed from her job.

The sad White resistance. Scream for our extinction from the rooftops and we barely notice. After all there's coal black football on the telly and a warm kosher pint in hand. There will always be an England. Go back to sleep.

The Twitter account in question has since been closed.

Toss it all down the memory hole. Eliminate incompetence, pretend it never happened. Watch those negroes kick that ball, aren't they amazing?

But she defended her use of the hashtags, including #KillAllWhiteMen, as nothing more than "in-jokes" about the ways in which "many people in the queer feminist community express ourselves".

It's just the way profoundly broken mentally defectives express themselves. Perfectly normal. Stop being so uptight about spiritual cancer and your own dispossession and destruction.

She added: "It's a way of reclaiming the power from the trauma many of us experience as queers, women, people of colour, who are on the receiving end of racism, misogyny and homophobia daily."

More like on the receiving end of pathetic appeasement, hand-outs, kosher lies that paint you in the most favorable light possible and suicidal altruism from people you openly hate daily.

Ms Mustafa has been also been accused of oppressing the voices of disabled people, an allegation she denies.

Please hurry up and die United Kaliphate.

She added that she has received racist and sexist abuse, and even death threats, since she gained media attention.

There's an incredibly small number of Whites who displayed token resistance while meekly slouching to the grave. We need more hate laws!

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