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Science, like everything in our dead nation, has been co-opted by the State Religion of jew-run cultural marxism. This apparatus decides what is and is not acceptable and the truth, as always, is no defense. Findings that are considered kosher include "climate change" and the stripping away of rights and all-out attack on the remaining middle class Whites it demands and a childlike belief in equality, in the face of massive DNA evidence to the contrary. The new scientific method in the West is very different from that old one created by evil dead White males. First, come up with a conclusion that will be approved by the criminal jews in charge. Second, do some sort of experiment or study (this is optional, feel free to skip this step). Third, start raking in the shekels by parroting the marxist party line on the talmudvision and in front of student loan victims.

Graduation day at Rutgers University is a chance for students to relax after four years of college and celebrate with family and friends before entering the real world.

A time for nappy-headed hoes to get dem nails did and sip on dat sizzurp and prepare for the White hand-outs and promotions into jobs they're totally unqualified to hold and for Whites to wonder how they're going to pay the massive debt owed to the always generous Merchant of America.

Or, when Bill Nye is the keynote speaker, it's a reminder that the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere is rising and its future may be a "no-way-out overheated globe."

Global pollution map clearly implicates Whites in "Climate Change."

"It's a heavy topic, but it's something that was necessary to address," said Jesse Bagley, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in science and biomedical engineering. "He's right. We all have an opportunity to make a choice as far as that goes, so it was something that we needed to hear."

I can't wait to start giving up my rights. 

Nye urged students to challenge those who dismiss climate change. The scientific consensus on climate change is as strong as the consensus that smoking causes cancer, he said.

We used to call it "global warming" but since that house of cards collapsed it now has a new name that's pretty much impervious to being disproved. The climate is changing! Get rid of your car and flush toilet!

It was "global cooling" once, too.

"Climate change is a real deal," he said. "So, hey deniers — cut it out, and let's get to work."

Let's have more blind faith and less questioning of Holy Mother Church. 

It's to be expected that any graduation speaker will plug their own politics, said Michael Bruchert, who earned a degree in journalism and media studies.

"Just like I'm supposed to plug my own far-left idiocies when I join the dinosaur media."

"I learned from Bill Nye probably more than any other science class because he is so awesome, and I was was so excited to see him speak today," Bruchert said.

"White man bad." It's totally rad, yo!

Along with talking about climate change, Nye encouraged students to vote and briefly mentioned racial conflict, saying skin color is a consequence of ultraviolet light, latitude and climate.

Caused by geography, the weather and evil White "racism."

"There really is no such thing as race," Nye said.

This is science. Please ignore all the research on human genetics and DNA. It's not real, just ignore it and the negro will become a sun-tanned White person with a flat nose, giant lips, burry hair and tiny frontal lobes.

"We all came from Africa. We are all of the same stardust. We are all going to live and die on the same planet, a Pale Blue Dot in the vastness of space. We have to work together."

This is religion. Blind faith in the death cult of our time. We're from stars and all equal. We're all negroes. Bow to the cultural marxist altar. Bow to the jew.

He also offered some lighter advice. "If you smell fresh paint, don't walk under the ladder, somebody is up there with a wet pain brush," he said. "Wear good shoes in a thumbtack factory and don't try to smoke in the rain. In fact, don't smoke at all, ever."


How about some real advice? Learn a trade. Don't fall into the kosher student loan debt trap. Build wealth instead of chasing after materialism. Turn off the electronic synagogue. Get in shape. Learn to fight. Be armed. Avoid the negro areas. Have White children.

 Goofy goy denies reality, gets paid.


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