Cucktianity: "Immigrants are a Gift," Says Cardinal

The moderate muslim preaches war and jihad, ugliness and death. The unbeliever must be put to the sword, declares the mainstream, luke-warm follower of the false prophet. For the moderate jew the world is full of "cattle" that are to be enslaved and exploited ruthlessly for the benefit of the tribe. Then there's the modern era's politically correct JUDEO-christian, supporting the sodomite agenda, more African negroes for Idaho and White genocide. The cucktian delivers this sermon to empty pews, while all around the decaying false church White civilization is collapsing.

The United States is “a nation of immigrants and we are proud of that,” New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan told Catholic News Service (CNS) at the Marian shrine of Knock, where he delivered a keynote address marking the launch of a novena.

Sodomite priests and kosher spiritual evil, open borders and pitiful groveling in front of the brown hordes. With third world sewage pretty much the only ones left that aren't abandoning the catholic church in droves it's time to prostrate before the alien, mumble a thousand "Jobs we won't do" and rattle the beads while the U.S.S.A. rots.

He said that while everybody was talking about the so-called immigrant problem, “We in United States would say ‘the immigrants are not a problem, the immigrants are a gift.'”

The wonderful present of drug violence, rape, welfare dependency, ruined schools, filth, states going bankrupt, ugliness, loss of shared culture and trust and the descent into Brazil North.  We need a lot more foreign invasion, more good little cath-a-lick la-teen-ohs. I'll sit in the corner and look at the wall while it happens.

It's not even my birthday.

“If there is one thing we have done well, it is to welcome the immigrant. Every person in the United States, unless you are Native American, is a descendant of an immigrant,” he told CNS.
Because we all know the "Native American" was always here, sprouting like plants from the soil and never crossing an Asian land bridge or anything like that. In other news, Whites were actually here first. Not like it matters, a nation is shared genetics, culture, religion and vision, not stone age squatters. When that is lost all that remains is all against all.

Recalling that his own great-great-grandfather came to America from Ireland, he commented, “We didn’t have this intense anti-immigrant sentiment back then; America was known as a land of welcome, and there weren’t these restrictions.”

Oh really? 

"Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof" - 1790 Naturalization Act.

Go back to hiding child buggery and polishing candle sticks, history is not your thing.

Rebuffing this anti-immigrant mentality he told CNS: “There is an unfortunate inaccurate uncharitable stereotype of the immigrant. Some of the most patriotic and loyal Americans are immigrants because they love their adopted country. They are more patriotic and loyal than we are.”

Must be "races" Whites up to no good. I think this celibate weirdo is a better source of truth than your lying eyes, right?

Patriotic and loyal.

Discussing Pope Francis’ September visit to the United States, he said the Pope was particularly concerned about the treatment of immigrants and had suggested that America “might be a light to the rest of the world, showing it how to welcome and embrace and assimilate the immigrant.”

Your cremating body can be a light to the world, just like g*d's chosen who we must worship.

Many of the people they met expressed gratitude to the US bishops and Catholic leaders for their “call for sound and fair immigration reform” in the United States.

Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people were happy with your cowardly bleating for national suicide.

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Join me in delusional altruism, it's bliss.


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