Is it "Racist?" A Handy Guide

In fine Ministry of Truth tradition we're seeing our language rapidly contract, a symptom of expanding the definition of what constitutes "speech crime" and the general decline in the average I.Q. via demographic displacement of Whites. Many of the words we've retained have been stripped of all meaning. "Justice," for example, is now a meaningless filler word to be placed in anti-White ravings. "Racist" might also fall into this category, assuming it ever meant what it was intended to mean to begin with, which is unlikely. It has always been used to describe anything that represents White interests or that our jewish enemy finds undesirable.

With this highly fluid definition it can be difficult for the Whites who have been targeted for extinction to avoid being smeared with this label and, as we all know, getting called a name by people that want you dead is the worst thing that can happen to a White person. Therefore in the interest of the public weal I present this highly useful list of what is and isn't "races." One warning: if you're reading this at a future date, say six months from now, probably a lot of the items won't be correct anymore, but such is the nature of "racism." For now this should keep you out of trouble, keep that career and materialism hamster wheel spinning and help you keep slumping toward the pre-dug mass grave for the West.

Not Racist

Black pack attacks, negro home invasions, "White girl bleed a lot," the knockout game, polar bear hunting, "get Whitey," negro pack rapes, "teen" pathology in general. These are simply [x] gone wrong, random incidents, wrong place at the wrong time, isolated events and the result of your own White racism. As a general rule the negro is never wrong, no matter what it does.

Jews calling for "White wounding."

Jews calling for the destruction of all Whites.

Jews calling for the assassination of politicians they don't like.

Endless holocaust payments.

Jews instilling guilt in Whites over imaginary sins.

Rothenberg? Must be German.

Maintaining Israel as a jewish state, complete with deporting negro "refugees." 

The talmudvision encouraging miscegenation and "Don't have any children, Whites!" 

Hypen-American groups for non-Whites whose only purpose is to loot the corpse of the U.S.S.A.

Our mulatto president sitting in an anti-White church for twenty years where a wealthy negro "preacher" ranted and raved against its benefactors. 

Our mulatto president pandering to la-teen-oh voters in a goofy Taco Bell dog accent. 

I hope I can count on the support of the la-teen-oh voter.

Phony "hate crimes" intended to encourage violence against Whites.

Open borders, foreign invasion, marginalization and destruction in your own country.

Cuckservatives, although they better keep looking at the wall and not try to direct.

Cucktianity, just be prepared to convert that "church" of yours into a mosque.

Communists, cultural marxists, non-White groups openly calling for race war.

Sharia law no-go zones.

Moose-limb pathology: burning cars, rape gangs, five day riots.

"Creepy ass craka," any and all anti-White slurs.

Is the West retarded?

Systemic discrimination against Whites in hiring, promotions, etc.

Importing the worst available negroes into the Whitest areas. More Somalis for Idaho!

White genocide.

That's Racist!    

I.Q. testing, DNA groups, department of justice statistics, your own lying eyes.

Hurting a negro's fist with your face.

Locking a car door, holding a purse with both hands, any action around a negro that doesn't indicate you're a lamb to the slaughter.


Trying to defend yourself in any way from the rot: gun ownership, knife ownership, being able to correctly throw an elbow.
Knowing what the Holodomor is.

Failure to properly worship the Light of the World, the traveling merchant that carries goodness and joy in his carpet bag, the wonderful tribe that works miracles with money, the jew.

G*d's chosen hates Whites.

Attempting to preserve White culture, religion, heritage and nations.

Attending a Christian church that isn't bowing down to sodomites and foreign invaders.

The word "ask."

Criticizing our mulatto president.

Donald Trump.

Expressing even the tiniest sliver of pride in the White race.

"I think I heard someone say the 'N word' at the Trump rally."

Well, I'm convinced.

Physical evidence at "good boy turning life around" crime scenes.

Arresting the negro or meskin, the rule of law in general.
Failure to sufficiently grovel, not paying enough, not bleeding enough, not doing the more that needs to be done.

Having opinions that haven't been approved by our ruling criminals.


Being White and not being dead.

Being White and dead.

Whatever else the jew wants to add.


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