The Death of Europe

I wonder what the islamic jihadans of the distant past, the ones slain at Vienna and Tours, would think if they saw the state of Europe today. Forget swords or cannons, just walk right in and start making demands on a criminal leadership hell-bent of national suicide. Lies, guilt and jewish duplicity are deployed against Whites who have lost the will to resist their own destruction. Look at that poor brown turd in the water, hurry up and die Europe. Incredibly, this pathetic invasion is not only succeeding but now must become a shared burden for all White nations, not merely a prostrate and humiliated Germanistan. We need a lot more Syrian scum in Luxembourg.

You don't need an advanced degree in mathematics from the University of Heidelberg to calculate what massive foreign invasion combined with declining White births rates courtesy of jewish spiritual poison means for our homelands. This is White Genocide.

The migrant crisis is "probably the biggest challenge for the European Union in its history," Germany's foreign minister declared Friday - but despite his warning, at least four Central European nations firmly rejected an EU proposal for mandatory refugee quotas.

The biggest challenge for Europe's future since the Stalingrad disaster. What will it be, White Man? Dispossession and death at the hands of brown sewage or the restoration of our lands and self-determination? At least some of Europe isn't putting their heads into the mudslime noose.

As German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke in Prague, a trickle of migrants marching toward Vienna swelled into a torrent Friday as thousands engulfed a major Austrian highway.

No winged hussars, no heroic stand against the dark hordes, no brave leadership ready to sacrifice for the greater good. Only surrender, appeasement, cuckoldry, and betrayal. This German foreign minister is clearly angling to be a eunuch towel-boy in a harem, but the rest of Europe decides to hear this pitiful traitor out, even as the hordes of alien slime flood the gates of Vienna. 

Careerist scumbag sells out Europe.

Steinmeier had urged fellow EU nations to give more help to those seeking safety in Europe. Germany has already seen 450,000 migrants enter the country and is expecting at least 800,000 this year, the most in Europe.

"We're putting the 'immigration' gun right in our mouth and pulling the trigger, the least you can do is take a bullet to the guts."

"No single country can resolve such a challenge alone - we need European solidarity," he told reporters in the Czech capital.

"Let's all die together!" 

The biological attack on White nations.

Despite Germany's leading role in the 28-nation bloc, the minister failed to persuade his Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian counterparts to drop their objections to a proposed EU-wide quota system to help migrants already in the EU's most overburdened nations.

Not everyone is rushing toward self-destruction. Wake up, Europe.

"We need to have control over how many (migrants) we are capable of accepting," said Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek, who hosted the meeting.

Let me propose an acceptable number: 0. 

Friday's foot march began after rail traffic to Vienna from the Nickelsdorf crossing was sharply reduced due to overcrowding. Buses and taxis then were called to Nickelsdorf to take migrants to Vienna, but thousands decided not to wait and headed off on the 40-mile (60-kilometer) trek.

I read this and shake my head. Do we even deserve to survive, with this weakness and cowardice? The jew poisoned the well, but at the end of the day they would have no power if we didn't hand it to them. This is the pathology of the European White. Die for imaginary sins, give up your life to prevent name-calling. This is madness.
Open wide Europe.

The march petered out a few hours after it began, as Austrian police and emergency crews persuaded migrants there would be enough buses to Vienna eventually.

"You'll all get your chance to loot, rape and kill. Please stay calm and be patient. There are plenty of White women and gelded White men to go around."

In Munich, authorities said more than 40,000 people have arrived over the past six days.

Camp of Saints insanity.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been criticized by other EU leaders and human rights groups for what they say is gross mismanagement in housing, feeding and processing the migrants.

A policy of "This is our country, get the hell out" seems fair. A refusal to lie down and die before an army of conquest is now a "human rights" violation. Where are the rights for White people whose future is being destroyed in the name of kosher profits and muh do-gooder feelings?

Amer Zein, a 31-year-old barman from the Syrian city of Aleppo who crossed into Macedonia on Friday, said he was determined to push on to Germany with his wife, brother and a friend, despite the problems he had heard of in Hungary.

What a hero. He'll get in on this wonderful suicide pact, even if it means a little walking and maybe an unkind glance from its future White victims.

"If they don't cross into Hungary territory legally, we will consider it a crime," Orban said.

Basic common sense is in short supply these days and certainly stands out from the bleating criminal leadership everywhere else.

He also blamed Greece for letting in so many migrants and urged other EU nations to send reinforcements to help Greece control its porous border.

This would be the right time to show that "solidarity," not sharing the two-legged locusts. 

The International Organization for Migration has put the figure of those arriving in Europe this year at more than 432,000.

The pace of White Genocide accelerates. 

The proper way to deal with "refugees."


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