Sweden Not Dying Fast Enough

In the race to become the first White homeland to experience racial, cultural, religious and institutional destruction Germanistan has recently made a strong move to catch the leader and there's always the United Kaliphate and El-France to provide appalling lessons in why you shouldn't take the advice of jewish parasites that want you dead. However, Swedenistan remains out in front in this race to the bottom, its fecklessness, sickening dhimmitude and eagerness to die for the alien monster providing the clearest "What not to do" lesson one could ask for. Burning cars and sharia, rape gangs and hand-outs, the last days of a nation that took its own life to avoid being called names by her enemies.

Naturally, more needs to be done. There is still a tiny minority of Swedes not looking at the wall while their homeland is violated. This is ungood, according to the doctrines of our jewish State Religion. Even as Sweden's corpse is lowered into the frozen earth we must hear jewish criminals screaming "racist" at the dead body.

Sweden is supposedly a liberal utopia: a land of generous welfare, substantial foreign aid donations, and green-fingered sustainability. But Sweden’s noble image is hiding an ugly truth.

Yeah, that's for sure. Foreign invasion, dhimmitude, rapes, loss of culture, nihilism, materialism and the jew behind the curtain laughing and counting the shekels. 

Racism is blighting Swedish society, and people of African descent face daily harassment and hate crimes, according to a United Nations report presented to the UN human rights council earlier this week.

Yes, a country that placed its head in the noose of "diversity" and plunged through the muslim trap door is "races" even as it hangs with a broken neck at the end of the rope, a self-satisfied rictus grin for a death mask. Get that smile off your bloated dead face Sweden, it turns out you're still "races" after all. We'll make sure to put that non-word all over your gravestone, assuming you even get one.

Yet the country is so convinced by its tolerant reputation that it refuses to acknowledge the problem. 

Are there limits to the kosher self-flagellation of Swedes, or do they simply feel they're close enough to history's ash heap that the more ridiculous accusations can be ignored?

Timid and peaceful moose-limbs respond to "daily hate crimes" in a typically restrained fashion.

There has been a 31% rise in reported “Afrophobic” hate crimes from 2010 to 2014, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

This includes such "Afrophobia" (Hey, that's a new one. Please update your newspeak dictionaries, comrades) as unkind glances, native Swedes not being dead, unbelievable and suicidal generosity, cars that aren't on fire, kuffirs, and many, many others. Get in that hole Sweden, you're offending the brown biological weapon.

The UN Working Group of Experts of People of African Descent reported “a real fear within the communities, especially for young black men, that they could be violently attacked at any time.”

Innocent young lambs, full of goodness and virtue, forced to live in fear of their cruel benefactors, facing savage inequalities like White women that scream too much during the pack rapes and Swedish men who grovel and beg forgiveness even while being murdered. 

Will you ignore this if we just keep howling about "racism?"

“The police view people of African descent as criminals rather than a vulnerable community that needs protection.” 

Noticing reality, the ultimate crime.

There are roughly 200,000 Africans and people of African descent living in Sweden, who make up 2% of the country’s 9.6 million population.

Somehow a nation with less than 10 million people is supposed to become the dumping ground for any piece of third world garbage that breaks the plane of its borders. 

But the UN found that Sweden did not properly address or acknowledge its involvement in the transatlantic slave trade.

You wouldn't think you'd get a reference to "muh slavery" in an article about Sweden's undignified kosher slaughter, but there it is. We need a lot more White guilt, a lot more. Say you're sorry for slavery Sweden! Apologize for something you might have had highly limited involvement in two hundred years ago. You don't get a dignified end, we expect you to go to the gallows apologizing and groveling the entire way. 

A xenophobic political party, the Swedish Democrats, won almost 13% of the national vote in 2014 and became the third-largest party.

We shouldn't destroy our homeland = xenophobia. Yet another phobia. Man, that tiny minority of healthy native Swedes sure are scared of things, the jew said so.

Does this prove we're not "xenophobic?"

Yet Sweden continues to cling onto its “self-perception of being a tolerant and humane society,” according to the UN report.

Desperately clinging to jewish nonsense, we'll make sure you know you're evil while we destroy you.

Sweden has the world’s best reputation for its social and economic policies, and is understandably proud of its status. 

Everything's burning, my daughter got raped, my son is a sodomite, I'm paying taxes to fund my own destruction...there's a lot to be proud of.

But if Sweden’s benevolent reputation is unfounded, it risks becoming a mask for the very intolerance Sweden claims to avoid.

No, not intolerance! We'll take another 10 million African negroes, another 100 million. Just don't call me names, it's my biggest fear!



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