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The German Rape Culture

Early in April I discussed a sickening incident that occurred in a rapidly dying Germanistan. An African invader brutally raped an indigenous woman while her gelded boyfriend watched helplessly. I certainly didn't expect to see this memory hole fodder back in the news cycle, but it turns out there was more than just one ineffectual German cuckold failing to stop this attack. It has been revealed that the man with no chest was actually on the phone to the legitimate authorities instead of staring at a wall. These noble guardians of the public welfare treated this horrific attack by an alien invader as a joke. The "rape culture" claimed by jew feminism is finally here, in the form of authorities who abrogate their responsibilities out of fear of being called names by the jewish nation-wrecker and enemygrant sewage.

A major shake up is underway in Germany after police refused to take seriously a 999 call from a young man who called in to say his girlfriend was being raped ya…

Welcome to Evergreen State College

Please watch the following amazing video. This incredible glimpse into the state of modern "higher" education must be seen to be believed. Be sure to copy and spread far and wide.

First, let's put this major malfunction into some context. Negro "students" had demanded that Whites be removed from the Evergreen State College campus for "The Day of Absence and Presence." This "invitation for White students to leave" earned the tepid opposition of a jew professor. The merchant's argument could be summarized as "I agree with all your anti-White ideas, hell, I taught 'em to you. I just have a problem with you forcing Whites off campus Zimbabwe style. Some of the brighter unclean meat student loan debt victims are going to realize that "diversity" is actually all about their removal and genocide instead of celebrating differences or whatever nonsense I preached from my bully pulpit." Suffice it to say, this wise kosher a…

It is Sweet and Proper


Jew Offended by Shorts

It sure is nice to have everything back to normal. There aren't any soldiers on my street, the meek complaints about unlimited foreign invasion have been silenced by the threat of prison, "my" team of negro athletes is on the talmudvision playing another team of negroes. The bottle with the little "U" on it is in my sweaty hand, my weak eyes passively absorb the jungle ball. Yes, all is well. Drift along in a coma of apathy and weakness until you're finally jerked awake by bombs detonating. Meanwhile, g*d's favorite people remain vigilant, finding secret and hidden "hate" in the least likely of places. While attempting to save some of the precious shekels it worships, the wandering exile confronted the face of evil. On a pair of shorts. At a Goodwill. This is another shoah.

Vadim Kolosov, a Jewish man who is originally from Russia, was shopping at a Goodwill store in Pasadena when he came across the pair of shorts displaying a swastika, CBS Los…

Kosher Video Games: Kill White Rural Christians

There's a Union Jack over my duck-face jewbook picture for some reason. I don't remember why. Better take it down. Weird. It seems I also have a few old ones with France and some other tricolor, not sure what country that one even is. Maybe something bad happened there, too? Doesn't ring a bell, though. Must be nothing. Hey, how about some mind-rotting jew-approved vidiot games for your electronic synagogue? That will keep you docile and stupid, gentile. Here's your chance to shoot the Whites who live in flyover, mentally preparing you for the day when our criminal government fully declares war on a vanishing Legacy America. Eat lead, Christian! That's for being "racist!" Isn't this fun? Yes, whatever happened in Britianistan or wherever, I don't even care.

Far Cry 5 will tell the story of a militant Christian cult, if a piece of artwork released today by publisher Ubisoft is any indication,” reports gamer site Polygon

The biggest threat facing muh…

Times are Hard

We need martial law. Having soldiers in the streets will provide concrete proof that a government openly hostile to your continued existence is doing something other than nothing following children being disintegrated by Libyan ordnance at the concert of a kosher prostitute. Don't you feel much safer now, with "troops" outside your door? The enemygrants keep pouring in. First a police state, then anarcho-tyranny, then ruins, finally an African all against all. Demographic reality doesn't care about your tears. Back on the other side of the pond, where it's been awhile since an "evil loser" detonated, it's negro terrorism, consisting of robbing the same ugly gulp 'n blow over and over. Time to give my jewbook picture an In and Out Mart filter in solidarity with the last oasis in the food desert formed by the content of their character. I'm helping.

A convenience store chain was robbed late Monday for the third time that day, and two men were a…

We Invited Him into our Home

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of [the Manchester bombing]. This is a horrible tragedy, an attack on the diversity that is our greatest strength. If we learn any lessons from this we dishonor their memory. We must continue as if nothing happened. [Nail bombs at concerts] are a part of life in the city and something we have to get used to. My biggest fear is a backlash from "racists" against the many innocent [Insert foreign ethnic group/religion of perp here once we know what it is]. I trust you all have your candles lit. Let's have a song. "Imagine there's no heaven..."

Meanwhile, back in the United Kaliphate's wayward daughter the negro pathology silently continues.

The grandmother of a young girl who was molested and impregnated in Marion says the man charged with the crime was someone they trusted. 

Come on in, frozen snake! You look trustworthy, what with your empty, soulless eyes, broad flat nose, muzzle and skin the color of a bowel …

Nevertheless, the Rapefugee Persisted

Every human work unit is interchangeable and exactly identical. The more of them you have, the better for muh Gee Dee Pee and the bank balance of already obscenely wealthy alien merchants. We should base our entire national policy around this "wisdom." And don't forget the do-gooding! Violent and dangerous monsters, made in the image of g*d, the sanctity of human life, please help this poor frozen snake. Maybe, in time, they will learn not to assault our women. We meekly suggested to the enemygrant that it shouldn't engage in sex attacks against its benefactors. Nevertheless, it persisted.

An asylum seeker given help to escape a people trafficker who brought him into the country to have his organs harvested will be deported after raping a young woman.

Welcome to the United Kaliphate where "dey bee takkin muh ore-gins an sheeet" is a sufficient cover story to enter a rapidly dying nation and prey upon the free range goyim there. Before we knew it an organ tha…

Baltimore: Negroes Fail to Get Their Learn On

When you start with the ridiculous assumption that a negro is just a White person who fell asleep in the genetic tanning bed massive cognitive dissonance is sure to follow. How can we explain the low intelligence, the violence, the inability to connect cause and effect and the general failure to meet even the lowest and most patronizing standards of civilized behavior when these are just Whites who were left in the oven too long and came out burnt? More and more elaborate contortions become necessary to maintain the equality delusion, while the rot silently devours. Witness Bodymore, Murdaland where entire schools serve no purpose other than to warehouse genetic aliens until they're old enough to enter prison and/or the welfare state. Barkevious isn't learning, we can probably blame that on "racism."

A Project Baltimore investigation has found five Baltimore City high schools and one middle school do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of…

The Holohoax Hologram

It's extremely important that Soviet war propaganda be preserved for whatever dwindling future generations the goyim are able to produce. My spellcheck still puts a red line under Holodomor, but the real issue is making sure the shkotzim continue to feel guilt for exaggerated and imaginary crimes committed by a country that will be a kaliphate in a decade or two. G*d knows, the amount of information and embarrassing fiction about the time the jew was forced to work is unbelievably small, so much more needs to be done to ensure that every piece of unclean meat feels profound and suicidal guilt over events that, if you want to get super technical, didn't actually happen. Fortunately technology is on the case, bringing back the heroes who survived being made into a living room set to lecture the non-chosen about the special and unique sufferink.

Pinchas Gutter goes out of his way to find me biscuits. In a sun-baked living room in his north London home, he opens a packet of Rich Te…

The Detroit All Against All

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to copy and spread. The comments are already disabled, I doubt this one will be on Jewtube much longer.

The camera zooms in on a non-responsive nigga body (Ah! Ah!) sprawled out on the Detroit Rot City pavement. Dead? Unconscious? Who cares, it's time to start making animal noises. Meanwhile another negro is being swarmed by its fellow animals on the other side of the street. That White "racism" sure must be powerful, to get the morlocks to attack each other long after the owners of the "unfair" skin are dead or fled. Two dark members of this initial swarm break off and start attacking yet another prone jungle monster. These are our equals. We hold these truths to be self-evident...

The raw material for healthy democracy.
Around this point I'm actually able to pick out a word I understand (Shit!) but this is followed by more unintelligible babble. Meet a failed branch of humanity with foreign genetic material…

The Negro Slush Fund

We need a lot more spending on "education." Open up that wallet, Legacy America. We're just one more dead-on-arrival program, one more lump sum payment away from creating a negro and la-teen-oh that is able to somewhat approximate the minimum standards of behavior in a civilized White nation. Please ignore all the contrary evidence, it's going to work this time for sure. Besides, it's not like diverting this racket money into diet drinks and power tools for corrupt negro principals represents an unacceptable level of criminality. Clearly the "races" court agrees, as a slap on the wrist is prepared for a genetic alien that stole from the White tax-paying sucker.

A former principal of East Ridge High School in Woodbury has pleaded guilty to felony theft for misusing school funds to make personal purchases. 

The only difference between this worthless criminal tar animal and its fellow living fossils stealing do-gooder assistance in Africa is this genetic al…

A Regular Part of Life in Zimbabwe

Civilization is extremely fragile and once it's gone it's probably gone for good. In the African all against all the "racist" protective hand of Whites has been removed, in many cases driven off by the same worthless animals receiving the aid, allowing the content of their character to be fully expressed. We see idiocy and violence, child soldiers, the vilest superstitions, "we dyin' hee-ah" pathology and the occasional comic relief provided by a negro pastor in Zimbabwe who thought he could walk on water and that a place called "Crocodile River" would be a good venue to test this theory. This is the former Rhodesia, once known as the Breadbasket of Africa. With the Whites dead or fled it's now the basket case of Africa and the only thing being fed are swamp reptiles. Come back, Whites we murdered! We've turned the oasis into a desert, the amber waves of grain into a swamp where the more delusional and moronic members of our failed rac…