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NFL Death Watch: Free Ticket Giveaway

The traditional opiates of the vanishing legacy population are continuing to lose power as it becomes harder and harder to embrace "everything is fine" apathy and nihilism in the face of the final days of decline and fall. The Talmudvision, the Weinstein movies, and even our precious Liberia Ball are finding new and exciting ways to alienate their goyim target demographics and more and more non-chosen have had enough of this kosher shuck, even if they would never call it by its proper name. It has become so bad that worship of the shekel almighty, the g*d that brought us up from Egypt, must take a backseat to pathetic attempts to get the shkotzim back in front of the bread beer with a little "K" on the bottle and circuses amazing living fossil athletes.

The NFL’s attendance problems this year have been well-documented. But, for one particular club, those attendance woes have caused them to resort to extreme measures.

For some reason I'm not interested in watchin…

The Fundamental Rights

EU report claims that harassment, violent attacks and police profiling against black people in the EU is wide spread, with much discrimination and attacks going unreported.

It's about time someone discussed the real problem in our rapidly dying ancient homelands. No, not the homicidal trucks, the moose-limb rape gangs, the acid attacks, the knife murders, the "isolated incidents" which are so common no even cares anymore, none of that. The issue in the European Economic Union is foreign invaders experiencing face crime from their endlessly put-upon benefactors or getting arrested for violating the remaining laws. My heart is breaking for the poor looter, the living fossil who only wanted to destroy your ancestral lands and got called a mean name once, maybe. We need to die a lot faster, we're upsetting the 70 I.Q. dark biomass brought in by the jew for the express purpose of destroying everything we care about.

The report published Wednesday asserts that Black people…

A Fellow Human Being

Negro lives matter. The identical looking and behaving pathological brown biomass is full of special and unique value. All of them, every last one, is about to start showing discernible improvement if you'd just hold off for a while with the punishments and removal their actual performance demands. Having a parallel society of moronic and dangerous outsiders just makes good sense, ask any jew. When the inevitable disaster occurs, it's your fault for being "racist." You had no right to "limit" Barkevious just because he was running through a mall that had been put on tilt while waving a gun at the "po-po." The loss of this not-so-super orc is the greatest tragedy. You can start making up for it by following the usual semitic playbook prepared for you: more groveling, more appeasement, more shekels poured into the "African-American" chasm and maybe a nice traffic jam.

Demonstrators shut down a major Alabama highway during rush hour Monday i…

Our Company's Values

Living in this deeply troubled world full of strife and misery it's important we keep our focus on what truly matters. By this, of course, I mean the college Liberia Ball. As long as the communist indoctrination center I owe a pound of flesh debt to uses its super orc mercenaries to defeat the tar monsters representing those bastards from another jewish usury and mindwashing swindle a few miles down the road, all is well. What happens when the negro fails? Obviously, it's time to get on Faceberg and destroy your life by posting "racist" evil expressing your disappointment when the coal animals in red lost to the living fossils of hated blue. Your life will probably be destroyed by the same jew behind this grotesque and useless Dark Continent spectacle, but it's worth it if it helps the genetic aliens I worship to play slightly better next time.

The man responsible for a racist social media post showing Willie Taggart getting lynched has been fired from his job at …

Not Totally Accurate

I hope everyone reading this had a nice holiday with their families, as far away from the encroaching demographic rot as possible. I know I definitely enjoyed the opportunity to take a short vacation from my regular occupation, namely helping to perform the national autopsy after my country went insane and then died. While Whites were trying to hold on to the remnants of the past and offering sincere thanks for what we still have, the traditions are little different for the "African-American." It was time for the aptly named Black Friday, featuring monkeyshines as predictable as the sun rising. But wait, we may have bagged the wrong groid after its fellow living fossil started "busting." I know, I'm worried, too. Hopefully we'll soon get to the bottom of this complex and fascinating slice of what black life is like with the inability to connect cause and effect relationships combined with a perpetual state of inflated self-worth and moronic aggression.

An Al…

Another Hate Crime Hoax: The Depressing Frequency

The planned kosher demolition of White nations is completely justified because White Man Bad. Unlike the beings of pure light and virtue with skin the color of a bowel movement, Whites are responsible for all the evils in this best of all possible worlds. If the evidence for this outrageous statement proves lacking, we can always contrive some via semitic dishonesty. It could be Soviet war propaganda about homicidal fire pits and electric belts, pictures of unhappy mud spawn or, in this case, a mysterious swastika that coincidentally appeared just as the jew was preparing another offensive against the hated goyim and our vanishing rights. It's really an amazing and lucky coincidence, rabbi. I'm not sure why you keep hiding your hands, but it's not important. Get rid of the Bill of Rights, it's for the best.

The Duke Jewish Student Union is planning a forum on November 26 after another anti-Semitic incident was reported on campus.

Come on down, shkotzim! You, the unclean…

Chiraq: The Gentleman Turned Around

Four people are dead, including an ER doctor and a police officer, after a gunman killed his ex-fiancee and two others at Mercy Hospital in Chicago on Monday.

When I first read this I immediately assumed the "gunman" was a negro. It turns out I'm an evil "racist" and completely wrong. It was a la-teen-oh slime ball.

The 32-year-old gunman, identified by sources as Juan Lopez, and his ex-fiancee Dr. Tamara O’Neal are among the dead. 

Mud World all against all in a dying city. The natural conservative here for a better life smoked the negress doctor (just like on the talmudvision!). Welcome to clown world. Welcome to the Chiraq waking nightmare.

The DePaul Brown Demons.
Chicago police officer Samuel Jimenez, 28, was also killed in the shooting. Jimenez, a married father-of-three, had only just completed his probationary period.
Would the last Windy City White please turn off the lights on the way out. Officer greaser participates in the sort of senseless violence…

Phony Hate Crimes: A Cause and Effect Relationship

Middle America is facing a determined and pervasive attack from criminal outsiders who want to destroy their way of life with an endless campaign of corruption. You've probably already guessed who I'm talking about. That's correct. "Not-sees." Oh yeah, the hitlerites are out there, scrawling incorrectly made fascist symbols into the newly fallen snow, the ultimate display of "White supremacy." We really need to give up more of our freedoms so this will never happen again.

Police are asking for the public's help to determine who carved swastikas in the snow Thursday. 

This is not a joke. We need to devote police resources to this literal snow job. Turn in your neighbor! I don't know if he's the one you want, but I heard him saying bad things about "African-Americans," once. You better arrest him, just in case.

The department tweeted out this image saying two swastikas were discovered at the Vicino on the Lake apartment complex at aro…

Racially Offensive Language

The idea of college Liberia Ball, where moronic brown mercenaries are paid by a corrupt administration to represent a communist indoctrination center in a child's game under the watchful eye of psychotic and pathetic White coaches, just makes sense. Barkevious here, an evolutionary dead-end who can't even write its own name in cursive, is a "scholar athlete" representing "your" kosher student loan debt trap (no bankruptcy, goyim) in its endless and unwinnable war against another shekel making mind-washing facility a few miles down the road. This idiotic degeneracy is the most important thing in the world and we can't sit idly by while a speech crime witch hunt threatens the "bowl" prospects of an institution that cranks out unemployable human derelicts under the semitic yoke of crippling usury. My globalist NPC factory must win the "big game," and if it means not believing a bitter tar monster, we will allow it in this one particular…

Cuck Island: Vigilantes with a Twist

Your ancient homeland is being rapidly destroyed by racial, cultural, and religious aliens invading with the full approval of your criminal government. Acid attacks, pack rapes, machete murders, "Asians" with hammers staging daylight home invasions and other "isolated incidents" have become a part of ordinary daily life. If you speak frankly about this problem, you could be imprisoned for thought crime. What is a good little Son of Albion to do? If your answer was forming a pathetic neighborhood watch after the model of McGruff, the anti-crime dog, you can at least take some solace in not being the only one to harbor this delusional faith in a rotten system.

A vigilante mob is patrolling the streets of Birmingham in response to a shocking wave of violent crime.

Looks like the Saxon has learned to hate! Now we'll save our lands from the army of allah! For Saint George and the Queen! Yeah, not so fast.

Nearly 400 people have joined the community watchdog group ‘We…

Undocumented Ketchup

A woman was captured on video beating a McDonald's store manager in Santa Ana recently, and police released the footage Tuesday as they intensified their efforts to catch the assault suspect.

Welcome to 365 Black (and la-teen-oh!) Mcdonalds,where the exotic ethnic "food" which represents the biggest strength of our "diversity" is proudly served by human units who deserve much higher pay to dignified citizens. Did you say this thing was called a "Big Mac?" Wow, this is worth destroying my ancestral homeland over. Cheap and such large portions. Look out, here comes a crazed may-hee-can-ah!

After getting her food, she apparently became enraged when she discovered there was not enough ketchup in the order, said Cpl. Anthony Bertagna.

Everyone is equal. Race isn't real. Skin color is caused by climate. America is for everyone. Muh constitution will protect me from the absolute dregs of the third world currently flooding across a defenseless southern bor…

The Lighter Side of Negro Pathology: Liberia Ball All Against All

Be sure to watch the Botswana Bladder Ball battles, shkotzim. Here you can observe one of the few times when the negro isn't completely worthless, as they crash into each other, form piles reminiscent of the mud huts back in The Mother and score the big tug which means a lot to you. Yes, this is an excellent use of your time in a nation rapidly descending into open civil war. Look at that boy run, this is your equal, please climb down into the mass grave the jew has dug for you. Meanwhile, keep worshiping the super orcs and ignore the massive amounts of degenerate idiocy that always accompanies this moronic child's activity.

While a group of 5-year-olds shook hands after a youth football game Saturday, parents and coaches began throwing punches.

You might think five is a little young for the Sudan Hand Soccer, but these are negroes, who reach physical maturity with alarming rapidity. This is the age when the coal monster begins its other favorite sport, so we might as well let …

The Request was not Honored

We're going to need a lot more people for all the new jobs as America enjoys one final brief Indian Summer of relative success before the endless winter sets in. Since all people are equal according to the teachings of our one true church synagogue, it really doesn't matter where we get these valuable bar codes, as long as we get them. Did I mention the enemygrants are better [your mostly dead nationality] than you are? They do the jobs you won't, at pay you wouldn't find acceptable, to enrich jewish plutocrats you wouldn't want to kneel in pathetic servile submission before. If there's an occasional series of murders after the "undocumented" scumbag gets the catch 'n' release treatment, it's a small price to pay for slightly cheaper soma tablets and the guaranteed victory of jew communism in every hypocritical sham election from now on.

An illegal immigrant accused of a triple murder in Missouri was previously jailed and released in New Je…