Isolated and Contained

Yesterday far too many White Americans were parked in front of the talmudvision watching the Degeneracy Bowl, an ugly jewish spectacle intended to amuse the brown slaves and demoralize the vanishing legacy population. Faced with "Look at that mulatto run!" and Third World "vibrancy" there was little time to worry about anything other than inhaling estrogen drink and filling your own pants when the cheering for "your" negroes got out of hand. Certainly no one was thinking about Chinese bio-weapons, mainstream candidates talking about gulags or the ongoing demographic replacement. No one mourned for the United Kaliphate, now finally free from the European Economic Union and about to chart its own semitic course into the turbulent sea of islamic conquest and "Do you have a license for that plastic spoon?"

This is the first picture of the terror suspect who was shot dead by police after two people were stabbed in Streatham, south London, earlier today. Although the suspect has not been formally identified yet, DAC Lucy D'Orsi of the Met Police said in a statement tonight they are confident he was Sudesh Amman, 20. 

I know. I was surprised, too.

Amman left prison just a matter of days ago after serving half of his more-than three year sentence, it is understood.

Moe-ham-head here has clearly learned its lesson and besides, we need the cell for Thought Criminals. Just don't do it again, you wacky little scamp. 

He was sentenced in December 2018 for possessing and distributing terrorist documents.

This creature is more British than you. Look at it working hard to encourage violent jihad against its benefactors. You were wise to allow this invasion. Now you can reap the rewards.

The then 18-year-old, who was described as 'knife-obsessed', was found with a stash of bomb-making and close-combat manuals - including one titled 'How to Make A Bomb in Your Kitchen'.

We're going into "multi-kulti" mode. Jews are at the center of this process. You have to do it; the experiment demands that you continue. 

Amman, from Harrow, Middlesex, also shared Al-Qaeda propaganda on a family WhatsApp group, exposing relatives as young as 11 to violent material.

We'll fight those "nawrtzees" on the beaches and in the streets and all the rest. We will bravely reject all attempts to peacefully end Europe's Second Jew-Assisted Suicide Attempt. So many owing so much to so few. There will always be an England.

The North West London College student shared bomb making schematics via Skype and an entry of a seized notebook allegedly outlined his "goal" to die as a martyr, a court heard at the time.

Setting goals is a sure sign of a winner. This is a good little enemygrant, turning its life around.

In other online chats, Amman told his girlfriend of his hatred for “kuffars” (non-believers), his allegiance to ISIS and his wish to carry out a terror attack.

It sure is weird how all these groups of alien outsiders we allow to live in our ancient homelands have little slurs they call us and want us to die in pain. 

In one message he even encouraged his girlfriend to behead her own “kuffar parents”, the court previously heard.

Honestly, what are you waiting for? The snake idol in the giant rock isn't going to do it for you or something.

Speaking about the terror suspect, a Whitehall source said earlier this evening: "He was under surveillance, that is what allowed police to do their job so quickly. It could have been much worse than it was.

Only a few Eloi got slashed this time, as opposed to the bloodbath it could have been. It's just part of living in the big city. Get used to it.

"There was nothing that could be done to keep him behind bars under existing laws, hence why he was under surveillance and strict licencing conditions."

We are totally powerless against a worthless and dangerous sand monster. Besides, it had a license for that book about making bombs in the kitchen.

"He had served half of his sentence, which was more than three years, so had to be released despite concerns over his conduct."

I mean, it's not like he said less than six million precious jews were lost in the holohoax or something really serious like that.

"This shines a light on something that clearly needs addressing."

Yeah. I really think you might be right.

Armed police shot the suspect dead after two people were stabbed and a third injured in the "terror-related" attack which detectives said is "Islamist-related".

Good people with guns stopped the "Asian" terror. There might be some kind of lesson here, but I'm not sure what. Now turn in your toolbox, no one needs to own a screwdriver or large file.

Police described the incident as "isolated" and said it had been "contained".

Just when you think you've heard the worst weasel-talk after an eruption of moose-limb pathology good old Cuck Island raises the bar. The pathology of the moon cult invader is contained like a Chinese virus, everything is fine.

DAC Lucy D'Orsi of the Met Police thanked members of the public and the emergency services this evening, adding that she is 'extremely proud of the bravery of the armed officers'. 

Heckuva job Brownie, etc.

Dave Merritt, whose son Jack was stabbed to death along with Saskia Jones in the attack last year, has tweeted about today's "senseless" incident.

My wife's son was killed by the stone cube cult.

"Love and solidarity also to all Muslim people; we know that the person who did this does not represent you. No reprisals."

The real victims are all the good little foreign looters who might now face reprisals. Even though this has never happened and it never will.


  1. Reminds me of the Muzzies that enriched the Boston Marathon runners.

  2. “There was nothing that could be done to keep him behind bars, under existing laws”

    Is this not the lament of the entire Western Hemisphere in 2020?

    Thanks-filthy Satanic Kike.

  3. Blah fucking blah



    Jew controlled party lines

    Fuck this coward country.


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